Our Story

Flying Books was founded out of my passion for reading to my son. As parents, we all care deeply about how to nurture our little ones, especially during their early years when school is not mandatory yet. Books were on the top of my list! In my quest to find the best material out there, I first read widely and informed myself about child development. Then I came up with a diligent process of linking my child development knowledge and the stories that would engage and foster my son through the particular development stage. Everyday I would stop at bookstores and search the Internet constantly for titles and reviews of all the books out there...it took a lot of effort to know the right titles!

That’s where Flying Books subscription plans and gifts come in. Our wish is to provide a unique service for both the child and parent. We handpick the right books for your child, let your child experience the joy of receiving books as gifts and provide parents with the convenience of getting the package at the doorstep every month.

Everything here is done with love and great care, the same way I do for my own son. We wish to deliver in every Flying Books package the most enriching experience for the children and their parents.

I truly wish you all a great reading time with your little ones!

Founder, CEO & Mother



The Founder

Nicole is a mother and entrepreneur who was born and raised in Brazil, and has been living an international journey for the last 7 years. She has lived in Switzerland, Austria, UAE and resides now in Singapore. Passionate about languages, she speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German and still hopes to learn Mandarin. Her hobbies include music, dance, arts, literature and design, which are constantly part of her activities with her son.

Her professional life has been quite diverse: including teaching, engaging in family business and also working in a global corporation for years.

In 2016, she decided to combine her passions with her academic degrees - including her MBA from IMD in Switzerland - to build on her entrepreneurial DNA and finally founded Flying Books in Singapore.